Debheadshot2007Dreaming and Writing—What do they have in common?

Deborah S. Nelson—who has united those two elements within the book series, Dreams to Reality: Author Your Dreams ACTION PLAN.

Her ability to guide dreams to reality inspired Ms. Nelson to invent and author this patent-pending three-part interactive curriculum—the first of its kind!

The author’s first big dream, at 14, was to become a newspaper editor and writer. And she fulfilled that dream early on, within her first year of junior high school.

Her next dream was to fund her college education. Still in love with writing, between studies and work she made time to write for her college newspaper. Dreaming and writing, she graduated in the ’70s, debt free, with a BS from the University of Texas. Soon after, she joined The Austin Sun, a weekly entertainment and cultural magazine.

In the ’80s, Ms. Nelson emerged from an difficult divorce in the role of sole functioning parent. This challenge created just one thing for Nelson, a new dream—to raise her daughter as a happy, healthy, successful person, rather than as another statistic of a broken home.

Concern for her child’s future propelled her into a new era and a new dream—to start one of the first “home-based businesses.” That dream realized gave her freedom to be a full-time, on-purpose, solo mom.

Eventually, Nelson was able to fund most of her daughter’s education at Brooks Institute of Photography, her daughter’s dream college!

Devoted to women in business, Nelson was recognized by Working Women Magazine in the ’90s for entrepreneurial excellence; and selected as a national finalist for Ms. Corporate America 2008—another childhood dream realized.

In the Dreams to Reality Action Plan, a synthesis of 25 years of study, reading, and life experience, Nelson masterfully merges two recurring themes—her love of writing, and her ability to set dreams in motion. What is her next big dream? It is to teach millions of readers how to make their dreams come true!

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