quillhirezHow to Become a Dream Writer, by Deborah S Nelson

The Dreams to Reality ACTION PLAN is a patent-pending curriculum designed to teach you how to write your story to become the author of your dreams.

PART ONE: The book, Dreams to Reality; Introduction to Dream Planning, is divided into four parts; conceive, believe, receive, achieve.  It is the conceptual part of the course.

PART TWO: The Dreams to Reality Playbook is formatted as a workbook designed to build the belief part of this course. It guides you to apply the concepts of the book. The Playbook is also divided into four parts, following the concepts in the course book: conceive, believe, receive, and achieve It will lead you to the third part—through the book publishing software. You will publish your own dream plan book, consisting of one “sample” dream you choose to conceive, believe, receive, and achieve.

PART THREE: The Dreams to Reality Action Plan teaches you to write a 10–40-page storybook. Once you publish your dream plan book online, you will receive it by ground shipping within 3–7 days, depending on location. Part Three is the receive and achieve part of the action plan; your dream plan book is the gift you receive–the written and published plan of your dream to be achieved!

In writing your dream plan book you have become the author of your dreams and your life!  Let’s get started on this most exciting adventure!  Register for the course now.  Make the decision now to become a dream writer, author of your life. 

What is Your Dream?  Write it and win a Dreams to Reality Course. Everyone wins! Click on a link below to start writing now.

The first step of your Dreams to Reality Journey starts here. Write your dream, and once published, you will automatically be registered for the 10 Steps from Dreams To Reality E-Class.