Congratulations! You have read the text book, and completed The Playbook. You are now prepared to write and publish your Dream Plan Book.


Important Getting Started Hints, Timing: Since you have done the preparatory work in The Playbook for creating your Dream Plan Book; this part will go rather quickly. Once you get started, it is going to be engaging and exciting. Therefore, if possible, start when you have an uninterrupted span of time. Starting on a Friday evening or Saturday morning, will allow optimal time for your creative focus.

  • Download Software: Go to and download the BOOK SMART SOFTWARE. This is where you will build your storybook dream. Have your login information and promo code that came with this course handy. Undo Button: The BOOK SMART software is organized similarly to WORD. Here’s a helpful hint, which can save you “oodles of time.” It is the UNDO option—it’s the first item on the drop down menu of the Edit function. If you accidentally type something or hit a wrong key, immediately go to Edit at the top left, next to the File button, and click on UNDO at the top of the drop down list.
  • New Book Set Up: Click on the BOOK SMART ICON on your desktop or Start Menu to open it. If you want more detail about the software right now, click on “Getting Started Guide.” If you are ready to get started right now, click on “Start a New Book.”
  • Book Title and Size: At the top of the window, it will say, “Choose a Size,” and below it will be a place to type in Book Title and Author Name. Type the name of your Dream Plan Book, (from the workbook play 7-1); and your name as author in the space allowed. Then choose the square 7 x 7 size for your Dream Plan Book. Your promo code is set up to pay for this size. Click on “Continue.”
  • Select Layout: The New Set Up window will say: “Choose Your Starting Point.” Suggested layouts for Dream Plan Books are text & photo, portfolio, blog to book, and poetry. Click on any of those layouts to see which layout you prefer. This will depend on the amount of text versus amount and size of photos you have collected in the workbook process. You may change the layout later, so for now select a layout you like, and then click “Continue,” or “Start Book Now.” If you click on Start Book Now, it will open up the BOOK SMART SOFTWARE and you can start manipulating the components of your book right away.
  • Get Photos: The New Set Up Window will say, “Get Photos.” This can also be art you have scanned in and saved in your computer. All photos and artwork needs to be in a jpg format, and with a 300 dpi format. You may search for specific photos by going to The software will give you the choice to download photos from your computer or from various photo sources. Note: Keep in mind that this book is just for you, and not for being marketed or sold to others. If the photo or graphic arts aren’t the highest quality, and the software is shows you a “low resolution” warning message, and if it looks fine to you, ignore the warning. At this point if you click on the get started now, it will launch you to the software. Or click on “Continue” to choose a theme.
  • Choose a Theme: You have a choice of three looks. Click on one you like and then click Continue.  The cleanest, most simple one is called “viewfinder.” You can change this later after you see what your photos and text look like together. Click Continue to add your title.
  • Add Your Title: Fill in the name of your Dream Plan Book, from your workbook in Step 7-1. Click on “Add Your Book Title Here” and type in the title. At this point the Book Smart Guide has launched you into to BOOK SMART SOFTWARE. You have now created a new book, with title, a layout, theme, and photos. Next you will add your text consisting of your dream statement, your dream script, and a dream decree from Play 3-4 and 5-1; 5-2; and 5-3. Once you get these text items input into your book, you may also add additional quotes, or thoughts as your Dream Plan Book begins to take form.
  • Bring in Text: Input your dream statement from play 3-4 at the end of the conceive section, your dream theme, dream script, and dream decree from Play 5-1, 5-2, and Play 5-3 of the believe section. You may spread it out on several pages, to go you’re your graphics. Add a quote for your opening page. Your may find quotes online at; and can search by keyword for the quote you want; or take pertinent quotes from your journal, if have one; or from your favorites books.
  • Preview: Depending on how adept you are, or how much of a perfectionist, expect the Dream Plan Book to take from 4 hours, and as long as a week to complete. Some will complete it in one sitting; others are extra creative and will make use of borders, decorations, and color options available. Looking at these options can take time. Simply use the “Preview” button on the lower right hand corner of the BOOK SMART window to see what your book will actually look like when published. Then click on “edit” to go back to your work.
  • Pages: Use up to 40 pages in the square 7” x 7” book size, the book size provided with your promo code. Or use as few as 5 to 10 pages, if you want to keep it simple—there is no pressure to use all 40 pages.
  • Proofing: There are a couple things to do before ordering your final book. Run spell check, which is in the edit menu at the top of the BOOK SMART Menu. Be sure that all images or photos, and text are yours unless you have the written permission to use the work, or have given proper credit. Check fonts to be sure they are what you want—the correct size, bolded or italicized, lower or upper case. Finally, print out a hard copy proof to check it for errors.
  • Upload and Order: To order, click on the “preview” at the bottom right of the window. Then, click on  “order” in the lower right hand corner of the BOOKSMART SOFTWARE. You will be brought to an Upload and Order Screen. Depending on the size of your file, it will take some time to upload to the publishing site. Once loaded, you will be asked to sign in with your login, password, and be ready with your promo code, and physical shipping address. Make payment with your promo code. When your order is complete, you will see the book cover, and may scroll down “ edit book settings” to “turn on book preview.” This is cool—the pages actually flip as you turn them! Click on save, and then book cover icon to preview the first 15 pages of your final Dream Plan Book right away. After finished loading, another screen will appear that says, “Upload Complete.” Click on order and follow the instructions.
  • Privacy: Your Dream Plan Book is for your personal use only. You will not be selling it or marketing it to the public. Therefore, once you have ordered and published your book, be sure the option provided in the “edit book settings” tab is set to “private.”