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It has been proven time and and time again that those who write down their dreams see them come to pass. Have you ever taken the time to create a dream board or a vision board? Bringing your dreams from thoughts to pen and paper attracts their entry into physical reality.

The Dreams to Reality Action Plan is a three-part curriculum that teaches how to write your story to become author of your dreams, literally! Much like a vision board, using the power of the pen combined with the Law of Attraction (popularized in “The Secret”); we take you from dream board to Dream Plan Book, a book authored and published by YOU! What the Bleep Do We Know? is a recent documentary is also the basis for understanding the underlying science for creating your own published dream plan book and how that can actually bring your dreams to manifestation. Here is Part One.

HOW TO WIN a Dreams to Reality Course

How can you win a Dreams to Reality Course with the Author ($497 course) in January 2010. Here’s the scoop: Dreams to Reality Part 1 Curriculum just came out on and has ZERO reviews. Simply write a GREAT review for at, and send the review to with your contact information!

Its that Easy…Win a $497.00 6-week Dreams to Reality Teleconference course with the Author, simply by writing THE BEST REVIEW. Independent judges will make the final decision, but writing style, content, spelling, enthusiasm, excitement, articulation, and detail will win the day. So go ahead…write that review! Start the New Year right by Living Your Dreams!

Just go to AMAZON (click there) and write that review, and then e-mail a copy of your review and contact information to the Deadline is December 31, 2009, so get writing, and make those New Year’s Resolutions come alive in 2010.