1017793-mediumEYEDreams to Reality, Part One: Introduction to Dream Planning brings many components together to teach a philosophy of Dream Planning, and Dream Actualizing.

There are 16 simple, but powerful chapters in the Dreams to Reality Course book. Each chapter covers a significant concept of dream planning to include:

Courage, Beliefs, Abundance, Imagination, Writing, Words, Failure, Faith, Energy, Expression, Thinking, Success, Receiving, Grattitude, Acceptance.

Each of the topics is key in the Dreams to Reality Process. Therefore at the end of each Chapter we have made suggestions for a Power Study should you feel you need to go further into that topic. Following are the Power Study Resources recommended.

Chapter 1 about COURAGE-The Wizard of Oz, by Frank Baum, first edition copyright in 1909. The movie by MGM was created in 1939.

Chapter 2 about BELIEF-What the Bleep Do We Know? Documentary by Captured Light Industries and a Lord of the Wind Film. www.WhattheBleep.com. A fabulous study on the how beleifs are formed, how powerful they are, and how they can be changed.

Chapter 3 about ABUNDANCE: The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D Wattles, orginally published in 1910; this book written in the early 1900’s addresses the importance of developing an abundant mindset. He advocates people to seek to live their lives richly in all ways-physically, mentally, spiritually, and to do so requires a certain mindset. Free PDF copy of his book at www.scienceofgettingrich.net

Chapter 4 about IMAGINATION: Our imagination tends to get harnessed for other people’s agendas. We are told that we must “make a living.” Marsha Sinetar’s “Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow,” is a powerful resource on how to stir our imagination to be an advantage for us. www.marshasinetar.com

Chapter 5 about WRITING: The Power of the Pen allows us to cross over from the thought world to the world of action. Those who write their dreams and goals are phenomenally more successful in seeing them come to being. When we write what we desire we bring the power of the pen into the power of the present moment. Further study is warranted from the book called “The Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle. www.eckharttolle.com