dtrtextAre you amazed when a dream comes true? Are you equally perplexed when it doesn’t?

The Dreams to Reality ACTION PLAN Curriculum teaches how to make your dreams come true-ON PURPOSE!

Today living your dreams is not just for a special elite few entertainers, athletes and politicians.  Now you can learn the Dreams to Reality skill set. Learn how to dream freely…and use the power of your pen to bring dreams to life in published book form. You literally write your story and publish your dream plan book, to become the author of your dreams!

Part 1- Introduction to Dream Planning

Part 2- Your Dream Planning Workbook

Part 3-Your Published Dream Plan


Six Weeks with The Author: The Best-$497 with the author; or $397 with a certified DTR Mentor. Take the Dreams to Reality Course with Author Deborah S Nelson and Coach Nick Rucker. The course includes the Part 1-Introduction to Dream Planning, and Part Two-Your Dream Planning Workbook in PDF Format; includes 6 one-hour telephone conference sessions, with 2 hours of homework per week. The course includes the cost of your Dream Plan Book, published.

INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM with the Author:  Even Better-$197. If you participate in each class, finish your Dream Plan Book, fill out a questionnaire, and allow us to use your quote and Dream Plan Book in our promotional materials, you will quality for a $300 refund, making the course cost only $197. info@authoryourdreams.com to find out when next session starts. 

Do It Yourself Course E-Book Kit: Great-$97. Includes Part 1 and Part 2 in PDF form, and a $35 promo code for your Dream Plan Book. You will be self-taught, and must be your own accountability, instructor, and student. $97. You will have use of the website for consultations; and may download the course immediately and take it on your own schedule.

Do-It-Yourself in Installments: Workable-2 payments. Buy the 2 books in printed version from our website or Amazon; curriculum total $67 for the text and workbook. Then go online and buy your dream plan book for about $22 plus shipping. Total is $89 plus shipping, in 2 installments; $67 for the books, and $22 for your dream plan book; which you create once you complete the text and workbook.

Bare Bones: Frugal-$77. Buy the workbook online at Amazon.com for $43.95 and spend about $23 to publish your dream plan book. Total, $66 plus shipping, about $77 total. This skips the course book, Dreams to Reality, Part One: Introduction to Dream Planning, but this is doable for those with less time and few dollars.

Win a free E-Class: Free. Win the “10 Steps from Dreams to Reality” Introductory E-mail course. The course will arrive via e-mail once a week for 10 weeks. It introduces the 10 Steps in the Dreams to Reality Playbook. Cost. Write your Dream and you will be registered for the free course.

What is Your Dream?  Write it and win a Dreams to Reality Course. Everyone wins! Click on a link below to start writing now.

The first step of your Dreams to Reality Journey starts here. Write your dream, and once published, you will automatically be registered for the 10 Steps from Dreams To Reality e-class.

Contact NRucker@AuthorYourDreams.com to register to check on Schedule to take the DTR Course with the Author; and to purchase any of the courses with Pay Pal or credit card payments.