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Timeshutterstock_945537-custom;size_200,150Do you ever wonder where all the time has gone? About the dream that got away? That Home you were going to build? Mountain you were going to climb? And what about that Book you were going to write? Welcome to Author Your Dreams, where Your Dreams Dare to Come True! What is Your Dream?

Do your dreams come true? Would you like them to?  What is Your Dream?quillhirez

It has been proven time and and time again that those who write down their dreams see them come to pass. Have you ever taken the time to create a dream board or a vision board? It seems that bringing your dreams from your thoughts to pen and paper expedites and attracts their entry into physical reality.

The Dreams to Reality Action Plan is a three-part curriculum that teaches how to write your story to become author of your dreams, literally!  Much like a vision board, using the power of the pen combined with the Law of Attraction (popularized in “The Secret,”) we take you from dream boards to Dream Plan Book, a book authored and published by YOU!

What is Your Dream?  Write it and win a Dreams to Reality Course. Everyone wins! Click on a link below to start writing now. Don’t wait,  just do it now!

The first step of your Dreams to Reality Journey starts here. Write your dream, and once published, you will automatically be registered for the 10 Steps from Dreams To Reality Course.